About Fetish Urine

Fetish Urine is laboratory-made urine that is not naturally secreted from the human body and can be used for a variety of reasons. Even though there are multiple brands of fetish urine available, a good brand of fetish urine consists of proper creatinine levels, a specific gravity, necessary balanced pH levels, and other components of human urine that will closely resemble natural human urine. To make fetish urine look and feel more authentic, it can be heated 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on which brand it is) so the sample seems like it was emitted from the body. Fetish urine can be used both by man and women for whatever reason they use.

WARNING: This product is not intended for unlawful use and is not intended for human consumption. Keep product away from children, kit contains small plastic parts, harmful if swallowed. Consumer agrees to all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws concerning the legal use of this product.

Recommended uses: ● Adult Fetish ● Silly Pranks ● Scientific Uses ● Urine Therapy ● Deer or Animal Attractant/Repellent (requires additives that are not included)

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